What We Do

Mathematics is a skill required in any path a child chooses. After beginning abacus based math training with our own children and witnessing first-hand the dramatic changes in their ability to master mathematical challenges and mental calculation while improving their ability to focus, we wanted to share our experience. So we decided to launch RightLobeMath.com, RLM.

RLM is a highly structured self-paced, self-learning early math training platform for grades K- 6. The RLM math training platform can be used online by individual learners or by teachers organizing an online digital classroom. RLM is focused on the early math education challenge of help students learn basic numeracy, number sense, facts proficiency and master all of the arithmetic operations. RLM also provides a complete mental calculation training program where students learn to utilize their math skills during mental calculation with great speed and accuracy.

The RLM math training platform provides parents and teachers with full access to each student’s learning data to enable parents and teachers to make better decisions about what training support each student needs at any time. The RLM user experience strives to make learning math engaging and fun while helping produce highly motivated self-learners. The math confidence gained by student success with RLM, gives students the solid math foundation required for higher level math success and greater future opportunities.

Who We Are

We are just like many of you - concerned parents, teachers, administrators, and education policy makers - thinking about what future lies ahead for our children and country. We understand how important mathematics is for our children’s education, college and future job opportunities. As parents of young girls, the founders also understand the additional challenge for girls to excel in math and participate in all a robust math education provides.

The RLM founders decided to focus on early math education, K - 6 grade, because of the increasing importance of an Elementary School math foundation to succeed in higher level math. Improving Elementary School math education will produce the biggest improvement on all the downstream higher level mathematics challenges encountered in Middle School, High School, and college. Research shows High School students achieving Algebra II or higher have twice the probability of graduating from college in four years. But if a student does not reach Algebra I by Middle School, their chances are significantly reduced. How well they have learned basic numeracy in Elementary School will determine if they reach Algebra I in Middle School.

Based on the industry research, we found that improving basic numeracy and arithmetic proficiency which are the foundation of all mathematics was the place to start to achieve the greatest math improvement for students. Research shows many math deficiencies experienced in High School originated way back in Elementary School and were simply carried year to year never being resolved. RLM wants to break this cycle by addressing the problem at the source, Elementary School. We are incorporating everything learned from research into our RLM math platform.

How We Got Started

The RLM founders started math training their young girls in pre-school using abacus based instruction. It was clear from the beginning the abacus approach was effective and efficient. Teachers and friends began to ask what we were doing at home and wanting the same math training for the children. The founders with many years of product and software develop began to design and build the RLM math training platform.

During design and development, the founders working with Elementary School teachers tested the program in the classroom and in after school enrichment programs. Everything we have built into the program has been proven to work in the classroom.

What We Want To Achieve

Put simply, we want to harness technology to help every child, everywhere, to master numeracy and arithmetic, unlocking our human potential. Math learning is not based on some genetic exclusivity only granted to a select few but more a matter of successfully producing self-motivated, self-learners willing to take on educational challenges. We have seen first hand, the results speak for themselves. We are excited to see what’s possible when every child learns to wield mathematics to better understand our world!